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On Saturday September 25, 2010 we launched the first Pangaea Theme Project: Earth Cleanup Day. This was a 1-day Pangaea Project around the cleanup theme. Our aim was to get the international YEP community to initiate, organise and collaborate on a wide range of cleanup projects that specific day, selected by a multitude of other organisations around the world for similar actions.

Our objective was reached in getting many Young Explorers and people from their community to join in different cleanup projects around the world: cleaning the streets in their neighborhood, selecting a forest to cleanup with their family and friends, and joining forces to organise a gathering of YEPs to clean up a river or lake shore… the geographical location, the number of volunteers and the ecosystem type and size do not matter, but participation is! Cleanup, sort and recycle, and promote the three R's of the environment: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle while acting!

But of course, this was hopefully just the beginning of many more cleanup projects in the future, and we are hoping that a snowball effect will happen within our YEP community. The 1-day cleanup action is just an excuse to raise awareness that the environment we live in, whether urban or rural, or located in a developed or developing country, no matter what season, needs our help on a regular basis to retain its beauty and health.

To learn more about the various clean-ups held all around the world click here….

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