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Tirza speaks out!

Tirza reports, "Over 100 people came, a lot of people that knew me and were now curious because I was twice in the newspaper… I got many compliments, I think they really liked it! =)

I talked for 45 minutes, and then they asked questions about Mike and my experience and the program for more than 20 minutes!!! I didn't expect that, but they were so intrested what made me feel really good =).

The adults wantet to know more about the black market, my feelings when I came back, temperatures, about next steps and the story when the pedal of my bike broke off, about illness, the economical situaton in Mongolia, about poverty in UB, about noises at the night in the desert,and much much more, and in middle of these serious questions little boy asked me: "I ask me – If sand is like snow, can you go sledging in the sand dunes? " That was so cute …!"


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