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YEP Conference – Shanghai, China

written by Felix He-Mao HSU (Pangaea Magnetic North Pole Expedition Ambassador)

This past week I visited the German French School Shanghai, my former school, for two presentations in pre-school kindergarten (age 6-7) and 10th grade (age 16). It was a great opportunity to share my Arctic experience with students and to speak to them about the effects of climate change.

It’s equally amazing seeing fanatic little kids as is the feeling of spicing up another day in the office. Marquardt Shanghai generously invited me over to give a speech on the Magnetic North Pole Expedition and my motivation to carry on. I was by far the youngest one in the conference room full of office men and ladies, and I had an inspiring story to tell. It’s not often that you’d wake up to the grueling, cold Arctic morning with SD-card-sized blisters and realize that you’re about to walk for another ten hours, I told them, and at the end I believe I have affected them well with a bit of my ambition and motivation.

The message of action has been spread well in all three presentations. Not only the adult audience has received a little slap on their consciences, the 10th graders been asked to lead the change, also the little kids have grown aware that some polar bear out there is hungry but finds no food.

I truly hope that all of them took away something which will eventually make a difference in the future. Only when people of all ages from all walks of life see, understand and act, we stand a chance of not losing more but of preserving the remaining beauty of nature. Let’s make the change!

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