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YEP 9 Selection Camp – Day 5

By Anna & Tomas

Day five started with an early-morning mountain bike adventure. There were a few cuts and scrapes, but we all managed to find our way back to the hotel. The bike trail followed the Sarine river, which reminded us of the fascinating eco-system surrounding us.  After the bike ride, we went mountain climbing and abseiling on a rock-face nearby. The view from the top was breath-taking and we were all looking forward to spending the night on the hill top.

During the first-aid course that we had after lunch we learned the essential steps to keep in mind in case of emergency. It will be helpful in every-day situations and wilderness first-aid, which will be very applicable in the Nunavut Expedition. It was amazing how quickly a safety blanket and a candle can warm you up and that backpacks are enough to transport a person to medical help.

Afterwards, we attended a presentation from one of our loyal sponsors, Geberit . The company’s representative explained to us that Geberit does not simply manufacture toilets. It’s focus is sanitation, and it is currently sponsoring various international projects that emphasize the importance of sanitation for human development. It was very interesting to see how successful companies are taking social responsibility in a hands-on way.

The evening entertainment was the Mike Horn Talk Show. Our task was to introduce ourselves in thirty seconds or less and answer one of the questions from the participants of previous Young Explorers expeditions. It was quite stressful as we all were exhausted, but it was a valuable learning experience.  Overall, the day was thought-provoking, and both technically and physically challenging.

Blog by Xue

Mike Horn is here finally.This is the second time I met him. Well,totally different impressions. He is very serious this time. Hopefully it is not first impression to me, but I really love what he shared with us yesterday night.

It makes me think again why I am here. I skip the exams to come here, at the risk of losing an opportunity to study further in my university. My father asked me once why I want to do this. Well, this is the first time that in my whole life that I have the opportunity to see the world. I want to be inspired by this and I want to gain the credibilities to talk people into good actions.

I am a quite person in the group. Maybe I don't speak very good English, but that is the what I am made to be back in China. I have a few friends but I am an easy-going person actually. How can you make friends with someone who spend all their free time in front of the computer rather than going out to take a jog ? How can you make friends with someone step on the plants to take shortcuts and almost beat me when I told them not to ? How can you make friends with someone that think you are in strange behavior just because you keep all the bottles? That is what China is like. I have few companies to share our love towards the nature together. While in the camp, I am not a strange person again. I love it! I will get the experience and tell people back in China, you are doing harm to the world and you are getting lonely.

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