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YEP 9 Selection Camp – Day 6

Have you ever tried Standup Paddle Boarding before???

Yeah, today all Young Explorers had opportunity to experience rowing a surfing board across Genfer Lake. At the beginning it was hard for us to keep balance and to stay on the right directions. But after some minutes everyone felt more comfortable with the surfboards and started to stand up, which was quiet funny because some people fell down in the water. Martin arranged a competition, pushing us to give our best and to row as fast as possible. After taking the surfboards, we almost turned red like tomatoes and enjoyed our picnic.

In the afternoon, Luke brought us to a climbing gym and we spent awesome time with “rock and rope”.  We learned how to use the equipment and to stay safe. This knowledge will help the selected Young Explorers to survive if five meters in the climbing hall changes to 200 meters in Canada.

We ended our great day with Presentation on GPS/GIS by John Ebert of St Mary’s University. Imagine that you just stay at home with a laptop, but can grasp all Geography data in the world. Believe it or not, GIS (Geography information system) is totally an ideal tools to support you.  

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