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The day started with 'a blast' on this chilly morning in Château d'Oex but there's nothing like a good bicycle tour before breakfast to heat our young adults up!

Six of our young explorers passed the morning in the gym undergoing physical tests with two specailists from the Mayo Clinic from the US. The Mayo Clinic specialise in the study of top level athletes and scientific research with the goal of studying how the human adapts physically in a new environment, and in extreme climates. The first results of the camp are positive to date. The participants are on form …. more tests tomorrow!

During this time, two Swiss mountain guides taught the other group about orientation techniques, how to read a map, how to use a compass and how to read your GPS position. For some, the putting into practice on the terrain was easy, while others found the test more difficult. After midday, the groups swapped programs.

Later that day they assembled together and thanks to the installation of webcams, were able to see the sailboat Pangaea cross the Panama Canal. What a big motivation for the young adults to work hard and to find a place on the boat on its way to Antarctica!

Pangaea is now continuing her route towards Ushuaia where she will be in mid-October ….. Who will be joining her?

Talking about expeditions, there is one tool you cannot go without… the Swiss pocket knife ! In the evening Wenger presented the new knife specially developed for Mike Horn and then challenged our young team to design the knife that would suit their needs. Some very good ideas were proposed and will be presented to Wenger's R & D department.

The outcome of the second day was very positive, and the atmosphere relaxed and jovial. The young adults are quickly unwinding, becoming more confident and disclosing their true personalities.

"I am having the time of my life and I would recommend that you stay up to date with all the news and sign in for the expedition that interests you most…" Cobus

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