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Today was a fun day for this happy team!!

After a 6.30 wake-up they enjoyed a healthy breakfast and headed to the Electrobroc site where Group E, the energy patrner of Pangaea, gave them a guided tour of their electrical plant and a very interesting and interactive seminar on energy saving and energy consumption.

Following lunch the Young Adults were treated to the Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience. Mercedes-Benz, title sponsor of the expedition were proud to show them their latest BlueTec technology in engine development and gave a practical driving instruction showing them how to drive with a reduced fuel consumption. Competition ran high to be the best driver whilst consuming the least fuel!

A delightful finish to the day was a amazing paragliding flight with qualified pilots in the Swiss alps – a first ever for all but one of the young adults and an experience that will not be forgotten in a long time.

The group are getting on very well and are quickly familiarizing themselves with each other, Mike, the Pangaea team and their new surroundings. It's going to be a fun week with this intelligent and receptive group!

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