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The wake up call this morning was at 7 o'clock and our sleepy team ran for 30 minutes before returning to the hotel for a shower and breakfast.

Two programs were scheduled in todays activities. One group started the day with physical tests carried out by the Mayo Clinic. As it turns out we have a group of physically strong and able youths, and all seem highly motivated to push their limits to go that little step further.

As one group was doing this, the other group were learning rescue and first aid techniques with mountain rescue Doctors from the 'maison de Sauvetage ' in Sion. Dr Richon and Dr Zen Ruffinen gave a very interesting presentation and afterwards they put their teaching to practice when they faked an accident in a nearby Canyon. The injured person was taken to safety after the rescuers had to absail down a very steep cliff face. What an thrilling test for the young adults!

With a little time to spare this evening, the young adults had the chance to work on their workbook for the University of Munich and to upload their blogs onto the community site.

Geberit were the speakers of the evening and enlightened our team with their knowledge in saving water and gave our team a true example of sustainability in the industy.

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