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First Group of YE’s arrive in Switzerland

They are here!! The first ever group of Young Adults have arrived in Chateau d'Oex to take part in YEP. The ambiance and excitement run high as the young adults get to meet each other, Mike Horn and his team.

This group of young adult include;

Switzerland: Vincent Butty, 19 and Nora Haselbach, 19

USA: Henry Stanislaw, 19 and Britney Bear, 20

France: Alexandra Le Dily, 17, Hugo Clément, 15, Clémence Cadario, 20

South Africa: Cobus De Ridder, 16 and Carlien Wollmarans, 17

Spain: Maria Puig Ribas, 16

Germany: Lena Braun, 19

Chile: Nicolas Valdivieso, 17

These 12 were chosen from our international pool of young adults who have applied to join Mike and the Pangaea Expedition. They are here to attend a selection camp in Switzerland and following a 10 day assessment they will undergo a second selection process to establish who of the 12 will have the unique opportunity to join Mike Horn himself on as expedition in the field. In mid-October, the chosen young adults will travel to Ushuaia, the most Southern village of Argentina on a 2 week expedition, which will include sailing on the polar exploration vessel 'Pangaea', exploring the ice and the Antarctic Peninsula.

A varied and exciting program, designed personally by Mike Horn and his team, is planned for the selection camp in Switzerland. It will include intensive courses on the technological, environmental, physical, medical and communication skills required to prepare the YEP participants to meet the challenges of the expedition and communicate their experience to their peers around the world.

In the meantime Pangaea and its crew are progressing well and have encountered calm sailing since its departure from New York. They will arrive at the Panama Canal early tomorrow morning.

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