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YEP 9 Selection Camp – Day 7

Blog written by Theresa

“Tomorrow is secretive Saturday in Chateau-d’Oex!” – that’s what we were told about Day Seven yesterday in reference to the morning exercise. After running up the hill, swimming, mountain biking and the Mayo Fitness Test we thought the level of exhausting could barely be topped. But we soon learned another lesson. The secret was disclosed at 7am: the church run! It was raining heavily when we did our first lap up the stairs to the church. Following we should finish three laps in the best time we could. But as Mike Horn says “When you feel that you can’t go on, actually you just used 20% of your energy, you’re still having a 80%”, we did the same procedure again and ended up with a group competition in two teams. It’s unbelievable to experience how you still can push your limits further.

After a hot shower we spend the day on editing our video clips about sustainability and working with GPS. As the rain continued we got all wet the second time finding the GPS-points around Chateau-d’Oex.

It was followed by an impressive Shark presentation by Michael Scholl. As most of us didn’t know much about sharks before it opened our eyes for a fascinating species and its huge problems caused by us humans.

We finished the day with the presentations we had prepared for an ACT-project for the coming expedition and the older YEPs told us about their projects.

It’s incredible how fast the time passed until now. Everyday seems as short as a second – a live changing and unforgettable second that will last for the rest of our life!

Blog written by Xue Xi

Well,today began with tough exercises,but I really enjoy it. It has been such a long time since I had such a competitive running. It felt more difficult than the copper test. I think it is because I didn't get enough sleep since I got on the plane but you really have to make the best of the camp days.Less rests,more gains.

Michael gave his shark lecture finally this afternoon and it ended until evening. I think it was the best one since the camp began.You can see his passion in it. He is not taking about plain knowledge. It is his life. You can feel it. You will have the strong feeling to respect a man when he shows his dreams so naturally and passionately. I know what it is like. I can talk to people with my dreams for hours and I really want to listen to Michael to tell us all the things he wants to share. I felt hungry when it was dinner time but I am more hungry for what Michael still trying to express. Dreams drive you and that is why I am here.

It is really sad when Michael told us that Chinese people consume a lot of shark fins. It is crucial to look at the videos that show how sharks are being killed. I really feel helpless when you have to face the reality that in your own country people regard eating shark fins as a honor and news medias seldom cover the shark problems. I feel fortunate that I am never rich enough to eat the shark fins. I will contact the students clubs in my university to organize lectures about stopping eating shark fins. I think it will take a long time to spread the message out but it will worth the efforts. It will be really effective if Michael can deliver a speech in China. I am sure that experts like him will be convincing enough to make people aware of the facts that what sharks are really. Thank you, Michael!


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