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Blog written by Ariane and Gosia

It's Day 6, and we're realising our wonderful time at this camp is flying by – we're already half-way through! Strapping on our helmets and clicking on the lights of our headlamps, we hopped onto our mountain bikes and whizzed up and down long roads, and through tunnels – with a few of us inevitably colliding! After an hour or so, we returned back to the hotel to fill our empty stomachs, and attended a well-anticipated lecture on Kamchatka held by Dr. Roswitha Stolz.

We were thoroughly educated about Kamchatka's geographical features, mainly focusing on volcanoes; native tribes and vast history. In addition to this, we got the chance to hear some of Dima's personal experiences in Russia! The stories he shared of his adventures around his homeland got us laughing and shrieking in excitement and awe every few minutes. It enhanced our idea on what to expect in Kamchatka, as well as the beautiful scenery its known for.

After lunch, we continued to learn about how glaciers are formed, snow measurements and equipment we use. This information is vital for our trip tomorrow to a snowy glacier! We're all really excited and are looking forward to it! We hope to have a fantastic experience tomorrow at the glacier and we hope you'll tune in for more updates soon!

Right now we're thinking: "Wundervoll!" "¡Fantàstico!" "Kif!" "Baik!" "好!" "énorme!" "ZajebiÅ›cie!" "Awesome!"


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