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Blog written by Carla and Natalia

Its only day four and the presentations are already coming in handy : yesterday’s lecture on hypothermia made frostbite seem like a very real possibility as we raced downhill on our mountainbikes at 7am !
Learning firsthand about conservation from our very own shark expert, Michael Scholl, was a highlight. We were gobsmacked by what an amazing and yet misunderstood creature the shark is. DANGER was a key term- not for people but for the sharks. Shark fishing and finning happens worldwide and is puttimg great stress on shark populations. He set our minds wild on new projects and possibilities through sharing his research.

Today was also the rounding up of our Mayo Clinic fitness tests… it was amazing to push ourselves but when it was over we were exhausted and more than a litle relieved !

So far, it’s all been tough but rewarding. Working as a team of friends has helped us get through and push ourselves to the limits as well as being loads of fun. We certainly wont ever forget this Camp !


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