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Blog written by Julia and Michaela

Wow, simply wow. Today was probably one of the most incredible days we have had in Switzerland. We started the day being presented with lots of specialist equipment required for our glacier excursion. Most of us had never been on a glacier, and Romeo had never even seen snow!
The two main aims of the day were how to perform an effective crevasse rescue, using a rope pulley system and to take accurate snow measurements with Roswitha and Franzi from the Munich University, as we would be doing in Kamchatka.
Although the visibility was virtually zero we could still appreciate the beauty of the glacier on our hike at the end. There are not many words that describe today’s experience. Everybody faced their own personal challenges: going down the 40m crevasse, being tied to your team mates on a rope and hiking up the mountain, or the cold temperatures that some of us had never endured. Despite the challenges, everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there were smiles all around in the snowball fight in the car park at the end.
We ended the day with some inspiring presentations from previous Young Explorers where we got to learn more about the program and all the wonderful projects going on all around the globe.


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