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Blog written by Megan and Romeo

Well, its already the fifth day. Time is going too fast and we are almost half way through the selection camp process. As usual, we got up to a cold, dark and early morning for our morning exercise. We headed to the top of a steep hill which is a lot of hard work. We have finished our route for the first time.

Today, we were doing map reading and GPS work. It was a lot of fun learning how to use a compass and a GPS. We learned a lot about the map reading technique with compass and GPS which are useful for finding our way in the coming expedition in Kamchatka. For the map reading section in the morning, we learnt how to use maps and compasses to find our way in different places. Martin and Fred told us the things printed on the maps like the scales, legend, the grid and the gradients. On the map, we can point different areas and measure the distance and slopes between different places. Besides map reading, we also learnt about using the compass. We learn about the true! north and magnetic north due to the difference between magnetic north and geographic north in the Earth. Due to the difference between the magnetic north and true north, we learnt to adjust our compass so that we can find the right direction. After the lecture, we had a chance to try the skills that we had just learnt in the theory. Sometimes, it is not that easy for you to take the direct route to your destination.

After lunch, John and Jake gave us a lecture on GIS (geographic information system) and GPS ( global positioning system). GIS is a set of tools that captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that are linked to location(s) and GPS provides reliable location and time information in all weather at all times, anywhere on the Earth with the help of satellites. This was really interesting as some of us had never heard of GIS or GPS`s before. Thanks John and Jake, we now know a lot about the GIS and GPS system and how they will ! benefit us in our daily life and the coming expedition. After the lectures, we learned how to find the directions with GPS.
For both of the map reading and GPS practice, we found the importance of team work. By working together, many problems are solved easily and quickly. We also learnt about being patient and problem-solving skills. No matter how hard the problem is, with efforts, with team works and with patience, most problems can be solved easily. Indeed, we finished our GPS point finding by try-and-error.

It was a wonderful day today and we learnt something we cannot learn in school. We all feel really lucky for being selected for the camp and everyday is a new adventure and filled new experiences. Surely, tomorrow will be another wonderful adventure and all of us cannot wait for the adventures tomorrow!!!!!


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