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Blog written by Hayden and Andrea

“GOOD morning Switzerland”, starting with a hill climb run it got our blood, adrenalin and excitement pumping ready for the day. We all knew we had a hard day ahead with a presentation the night before of the ‘mayo clinic’.
Introduced to the Mayo Clinic team from America, Bruce, Andy and thorn explained to us the excruciating tests that we were going to undertake.

Fighting our reflexes and body gasping urges with a breath hold test. Push ups till collapse, Sit ups till core fatigue, and to finish off with the mighty cooper test. Running for 12 minutes as hard and as fast as we can was a huge challenge for all of us young explorers, but with our dedication to succeed we all maxed out on our very best result which we were ecstatic about (after a immediate recovery). From the testing completed for the day from us all we all knew we had accomplished our very best, pushed our bodies to the limit to prove we had what it takes to perform in the elements- the elements of Kamchatka

Once again a B-E-A-U-tiful lunch… then straight back into it.

To pass on our viewed beauty and experiences with the world, we had a filming and video talk from ‘Moose’. His great onboard book of knowledge was passed down to us, to then be told it was now our chance to make a film of our own. With excitement but also anxiety we started to work as a team to structure and plan our short film to get our message, passion and experiences across to the world and let it be shared. Planning continues as we collapse in our beds to dream of the upcoming excitement for the next day to come… =)


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