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D-day – It's an exciting day for our new group of Young Explorers! Today they meet up in Switzerland after traveling from all corners of the world.

They appear tired after their long trips but are already familiarising themselves with their new environment and friends. Even after a few hours the YEP's are already getting on very well. It certainly seems that  a lot of laughter and fun will be on the cards this week!!

As soon as the last YEP's arrive, dinner will be served and we will start with the formal introductions from the Mike Horn Team.

Below are the new YEPs' that will be battling for their place to join Mike Horn in Kamchatka in December;

Julia Neme, 16yrs, Argentina / Saraya D'Ath, 15yrs, Australia / Romeo Wong, 19yrs, China / Leena-Maret Kröger, 18yrs, Germany / Yolanda Rohde, 16yrs, Germany / Ariane Sivam, 16yrs, Malaysia / Hayden Cockburn, 20yrs, New Zealand / Andrea Lavarello Schettini, 16yrs, Peru / MaÅ‚gorzata Sadowska, 16yrs, Poland / Zhixin Ee, 17yrs, Singapore / Carla Mckenzie, 19yrs, South Africa / Megan de Villiers, 15yrs, South Africa / Natalia Perez-Campanero, 15yrs, Spain / Nadine Terrier, 18yrs, Switzerland / Michaela Korodimou,18yrs, UK / Maricella Uribe , 19yrs, USA


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