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Geberit invites Pangaea to the Shanghai Expo

Around the 2010 National Day of the Peoples Republic of China, Shanghai citizens and visitors can find a aluminiun boat parked on the Shore of the Huangpu River. The dreamy boat is gently breathing with the waves of the river in the fresh air of Shanghai Mooring. Mr. Mike Horn onboard is doing final cleanup work – today he and his Pangaea team are going to welcome the first Chinese VIP groups invited by Geberit China.

In the white tent, 18-year old Young Ecplorer, Jun Lee, is standing on the blue carpet under the blue-white roof as if she is sailing with Pangaea in the ideal clean world. Jun was the first and the only Chinese young person to be selected to join the project up until now.

The General Manager of Geberit Asia Pacific Mr. Michael Schumacher briefly introduces Geberit and Mr. Mike Horn to the guests. Mike presents his story of Pangaea with great passion. The audience are fully impressed by his sustainability aspiration as well as his expedition story. After that, Jun introduces herself and her significant experience in Château d’Oex and Pangaea Expedition in New Zealand. Her introduction shows a deep understanding of sustainability which is far beyond her age.

The sailing experience on Pangaea along the Huangpu River gives our guests an unforgettable experience. This is the first foreign boat to roam in Huangpu River in the past 10 years.

The next day, Mike’s team and Jun visit the Geberit China office and plants in the morning and the Tongji University in the afternoon. Both Geberit employees and University students show high interest in the Pangaea project. Tongji students also receive their first impression of Geberit from Mr. Manfred Koenigslehner – the Training Director of Geberit Asia-Pacific.

In the evening, guests and students arrive at Shanghai 2010 Expo. Mike visits the Swiss Pavilion and introduces Pangaea and Geberit to Swissnex.

One person from the faculty of Tongji Environmental Science College explains: "Today’s activity reached far above my expectations. It was big surprise to me. Thank you Geberit for organising this."


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