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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 20

Blog witten by Nadja

Shark diving tomorrow!! To get there was a long drive away however, so we drove there on the 29th and then spent the night. On the way we stopped and had a look at an African penguin colony. We managed to loose each other afterwards so it took us forever to get to the camping spot, but once we finally all arrived we put up our tents and then went and found some cliffs to dive off. The water was rough and cold and the wind was blowing right through us, so no one was very keen to go in, but once a couple of people started most of us joined in. When we got back to the camp site we had a nice braai with Rosewitha`s famous Bavarian potato salad. Danny brought his slackline and guitar and we had an amusing and relaxing time watching people fall off, singing songs and listening to Mike’s stories.

Next morning we woke up early, and left for the shark diving. We arrived all very excited, and got kitted up. We jumped on the boat, and headed for Dyer Island where there is a seal colony which attracts the great whites. We waited with great anticipation …. and waited….and waited. Finally we saw an enormous, dark shadow sliding through the water right next to the boat. With adrenalin pumping, the first seven divers put on their masks and slipped into the cage. ‘Right! Down right!’ yelled those on the boat and the divers took a deep breath and watched the silent predator glide effortlessly past them. To see such a feared animal mere feet away, moving with such beautiful grace, made us appreciate that these animals have much more to fear from us than we have from them. And yet watching them trying to take a hunk out of the penguin decoys also reminded us that we shouldn’t ever make the mistake of taking them for granted!!

Once everyone had come face to face with the Great Whites and excitement was running high, we headed back into town and went to visit Moose, who deserves the host of the year award for feeding 40+ ravenous young explorers and staff! After the most delicious marlin braai any of us could imagine, old and current Young Explorers headed down to beach for poacher patrol. Abalone grows in these waters and poachers come at night to take them, so we went to see if we could foil their plans, but we didn’t see any activity. So instead, after a midnight dip, we made a small fire, sang songs and discussed ideas, plans and projects for the future.

This might be end of the last PANGAEA expedition, but it’s only the beginning for each of us and the projects we will pursue!

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