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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 21

Blog written by Seb and Nora

Our final full day of the expedition. The day started early at Moose’s house after an awesome night scouting for illegal abalone poachers in Scarborough. We packed up and headed down to the beach again for a beach cleanup; this beach was actually relatively clean, speaking from experience I know that any beach in Asia would have far more rubbish on it. We swept the beach in less than two hours and headed back to PANGAEA for a pit stop and refuel.

Our next activity for the day was with the Laureus Foundation, a surfing session with township kids in Muisenberg. Before we actually started surfing we played touch rugby with two very biased groups (most of us had no idea what to do).

When the kids arrived we started with some exercises for surfing which were supposed to teach the kids teambuilding. Finally we paired up and took turns trying to catch waves, mostly falling flat on our faces. Although we weren’t successful in surfing and we didn’t have so much time, it was great fun and the water was warmer than the air so when it was time to get out none of us wanted to. Fortunately we warmed up with some hot chocolate and a good meal…

Now we are back on the boat. All that is left to do is write blogs, do some water testing and then we will be able to enjoy the last evening together… why does it have to end?

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