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Update from Mike from Kuala Lumpur

"We are ready for the Pangaea Borneo Project to start! The Young Explorers are here with me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and tomorrow there will be a press conference to launch the Pangaea Borneo ACT Project.

It's great to see the faces of the Young Explorers again. This group have already passed by the Young Explorer Programme in the past and they are back here today to show their motivation towards helping the planet. 

Together, over the next 10 days we will sail with 'Pangaea' to Billiem Island and the surrounding areas focusing our energy on finding the places where we can start cleaning up the coast lines, and reconstructing the coral reefs.

It's wonderful to be back and to consolidate what we initailly started in 2008. It's also great to have the support of the Malaysian population who are more motivated than ever to bring about a change and to spread a positive environmental message amongst the youth of today."

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