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Makalu Summit Push – News!

Fred Roux with Makalu in the background
Fred Roux in front of the summit of Makalu

At 10 am local time Fred Roux arrives at the summit of Makalu at 8’463m!

Unable to call from the summit because of extreme cold temperatures Fred calls on the way back down the mountain, at around 8’000m.

Mike and Fred left for the summit push early this morning, the 17th of May. The winds had calmed and visibility good.

Mike and Fred separated during the climb. At this stage we are awaiting news from Mike and are assuming that he too is also on his way back down the mountain.

We will update you as soon as possible!

Makalu Summit Push

Mike and Fred had a long difficult windy night in the tent at 6’800m. They hope it will stop blowing soon and the summit push can continue. But for now it’s time for a good breakfast and after they will continue their ascension up to Camp 2 at 7’500.

Click on this link to hear the latest voicemail update from Fred Roux

Makalu Makalu

Finally the summit push!

Windy Makalu mountain
Strong winds on Makalu

We have decided its time to do the summit! Yeah – the weather window is good for the next few days with light winds and clear skies!

We will leave tomorrow, the 15th of May. Our plan is to climb to our camp at 6’700m, spend one night there and on the 16th, climb to 7’600m. At 7’600m we will rest 4 hours in our small tent and at about 10pm we will leave the tent, climb through the night and get to the summit early morning on the 17th of May.

After reaching the summit we will try and get all the way back down to base camp. It will be a very long and tiring climb but it will be the safest climb.

Mike and Fred will try and call whilst on the climb and from the summit. We will be waiting impatiently for their news and hope that nature and mountain will allow them the huge privilege of reaching its magnificent summit.

Mike is in a constant state of travel and adventure , so keep up to date on all his expeditions !