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Serbia Project – Day 3

19th August 2013

This small farm at the border to Tara National Park is normally a quiet place not many people visit.

But from today on it will be busy!

When the group of peer leaders arrived this noon we turned the grass field into a camping ground pitching big tents, building a kitchen, toilet and campfire spot.

As most of the group members didn't know each other before we had some really fun games and team building activities to build up a group spirit that will lady for the next three weeks.

At one point the group had to find a way through a 'spider web' without anybody touching the ropes and it was fantastic to see how all of the students supported each other and we're fighting for the same goal.

The group seems to be very motivated and ready to accept the challenge of hiking competitions, project planning and from next week on leading their own group of younger students during the second Eco-camp in which 30 elementary school pupil will join us.

There's nothing better than finishing off the first day with a nice camp fire eating Serbian specialties the peer leaders brought from back home.

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