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Serbia Project – Day 1,2

Five months of planning and organizing and finally our team of young explorers from Germany, Switzerland and Serbia arrives in Kraljevo, three hours south of Belgrade.

We're all very excited but also a bit nervous as this is the first big project we organize completely by ourselves.


The Pangaea Ecocamp 2013 takes place in Tara National Park in the north of Serbia. It will take three weeks of which two will be spent in the national park and one in the Twin of Kraljevo.


The first week is for high school students whom well yeah about project planning and leading a team so that in the second week when 30 you get students will join us they can help us organizing the second Ecocamp.


The two weeks will be filled with outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting and games but will also contain workshops on healthy nutrition and project management. Another goal is to show the kids the beauty of their own country just as Mike did it with us.

In the third week we'll do some small projects like a clean up and a flash mob in the town of Kraljevo.


When we were finally standing in front of the kids and their parents on the evening of the parents meeting to explain the whole project to them and distribute the last important information we got really excited to go to Tara on the next day to prepare everything for the group of peer leaders who will start their first Ecocamp week on Monday.

We can't wait to meet all of them!

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