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Serbia Project – August 22

22 August 2013

Three, two, one – GO!

Today the famous raid started, but not in the mountains of Switzerland but in Serbia! The group of peer leaders was split up into three different teams and first had to solve a problem at the campsite, which would allow the fastest group to go first.

The first checkpoint awaited them in a lush part of the forest in the village of Mitrovac where the teams had to navigate through a tree labyrinth with their eyes closed. The next game was situated at a beautiful viewpoint from where you can see Bosnia Herzegovina on the other side of a river.

One the most challenging exercises was the game "estimating quantities" which means that Livio gave the teams tasks like measuring 465g of beans just by using their hands. The weight was checked on a scale and for every mistake the team had to wait a couple of minutes before they could continue their way.

This made it more interesting because the teams that were not that fast could gain time when doing well in the games. As a result the three teams were very close to each other, sometimes they only had a time difference of around ten minutes.

The toughest part of the raid was a 2,5h steep uphill path through the forest. That's were group work was very important as some of the girls were struggling a bit. The boys carried two backpacks and when everyone reached the highest point of the day you could see their relief! But seriously, this point was really beautiful: after having hiked uphill through the forest for more than two hours you got onto an open field and saw the lake in the front, mountains in the back, a farm house and the traditional haycocks. Simply stunning!

The last part of the raid took the teams around two arms of the lake to finally arrive at the campsite. Even though everybody was very tired they were really happy that they made it!

It was a tough day for the peer leaders and for some it was the first time they ever hiked such a long distance.

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