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Serbia Project – August 21

21th August 2013

Today was a real sports day! As always, Jule and Nora started of with a run in the morning before breakfast. Saskia then gave a workshop about project management and showed the peer leaders a basic guideline which can be applied to any project no matter if it is a clean up, an Eco camp or a volleyball tournament.
So the peer leaders' project was to build a volleyball field and work out a structured plan of matches.
In building the field they were really creative. We only had basics such as ropes, tent poles, duck tape and stones but the result was quite impressive and even though some more rain and a thunderstorm hit us again it's still up and ready to be used.
The tournament showed everybody that doing team sports is one of the best ways of forming a group and it was fantastic to see how everyone was motivated and putting in a lot of effort. (Even though nobody could beat Dima in terms of motivation and fighting!)
After a well deserved lunch it was workshop time again, this time Nora and Jule told the peer leaders about healthy nutrition which was put into action when the group cooked dinner in the evening.
After building a new toilet, which was absolutely necessary, we took the peer leaders into the forest for a game: capture the flag. In this game basically two teams hide in the forest and try to steal a flag from the other team. It was so much fun working on strategies, hiding behind trees or just running through bushes. To be a good team communication was the most important thing, we used signs like whistling, clapping or yelling secret codes. After two hours everyone was dirty, tired and hungry but full of excitement. For dinner we had some pasta with a delicious tomato sauce, which was really yummy.
Food tastes even better if you're hungry from having exercised!

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