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Serbia Project – August 23



23rd August 2013


After long discussions the other evening unfortunately we had to decide to cancel the raid. For some of the guys it was too tough and they had bad knees, blisters and muscle aches. It was not an easy decision but since we want to work productively with them for another one and a half weeks we think it was the right decision.

We had a relaxed morning at the lake where we had camped the night before and went back to the campsite at the farm in the afternoon.


Serbian people always tell us they are crazy about food and cooking and when we watch the peer leaders preparing dinner you can truly see that. For more than five hours they sat on the floor in the kitchen tent baking pancakes on the camping stoves we brought from Switzerland. They put in so much work and dedication and the result was just delicious.

The day was finished off with another great campfire where the guys played the guitare and everyone else sang along. Great atmosphere and the pain and tough times of the raid were almost forgotten.

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