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Peru Project – Day 4

Young Explorers Blog – Day 4 

The third day of our amazing trip started off with finding a baby bat in Dima’s flip flop. We quickly put down the tents and packed everything on the cars to continue our journey. We wanted to make a quick stop in Cancas town to see “fragatas” birds that normally reproduce in the mangroves, but at the moment they were in town living with local people. While the photographers were busy at their job, we met a joyful group of local kids who seemed very interested to know about the reason for our visit. This gave us the chance to spread the Pangaea message. In returning to our route, we had the chance to meet the Albatros media team, an enthusiastic group of whale conservationists. Back at the hotel, everyone went for a swim in the refreshing Pacific Ocean, which left us ready for bed.

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