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Peru Project – Day 3

Young Explorers Blog – Day 3

As the sunlight struck our tents at dusk, we woke up with the fresh scent of shrimp from local fishermen´s nets. We were lucky enough to be taught first hand by one of them the subtle differences between river, sea, and cultivated shrimp, as well as enjoying fresh shrimp for breakfast. To complete this delicious meal, we prepared marinated tuna (with red onions and lemon) with bread.

This head start to our day set us off to experience the extraction of black shells, a protected species representative of the region, and pink crab fishing. After that, we sailed up to the border with Ecuador, to a small island where we marveled at the sight of flamingoes, wild ducks and tons of other species.

Back at campsite, we had a well-earned meal before going to the city of Tumbes to finish the day off.

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