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Peru Project – Day 5

Young Explorers Blog – Day 5

Today´s first activity was whale watching. We headed to the “Órganos” dock to board a boat where we spent the whole morning trying to find some whales. We could see sea lions, a group of dolphins and various bird´s species. To our surprise not a single whale appeared in the ocean. After sailing the whole morning, we had a nice barbecue together while preparing for the next activity: swimming with green wild turtles!

These gorgeous reptiles were found at “El Ñuro” dock, fortunately they were both, curious and friendly so we could look at them closely. These turtles are one of the five species you can find in the Peruvian coasts.

The day ended with a refreshing walk by the sea shore from “El Ñuro” to “Cabo blanco”, where the rest of the team was waiting for us. We took advantage of the marvelous landscape, which included the sunset and a full bright moon in the sky, to make a joyful photo-shoot.

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