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Pentakatha School Act Project-DAY 3

We woke up at 7.30 am, had breakfast and got ready to start our first day working at the school! But first we made a little tour at the fishermen village from where the students came . On our way we stopped by to buy some clothes in the 'local' market for us to start painting. The market was by the beach and had a lot of people and shops; we were shocked to see that our car was parked near a cemetery where the locals were
burning a body. It seems to be very normal for them but to us it was another side of the world in reality. The trip to the village was over-whelming.

There were so many things that we got to see, the beach was used as a toilet, there was fish everywhere and what was most shocking was the size of the huts in which about 4 or more lived. The huts had no attached bathrooms or any other facilities. We interacted with the kids and it was a special experience, there was also an opportunity to interact with some of the villagers which was very warm and welcoming.

Now more to tough work we started cleaning the classroom by scrapping the paint off the wall, making it smoother and ready to get painted. We spent several hours going class by class, even though we had about 6 workers helping, it took us around five hours (or more) to finish the job. What made us happier was seeing the kids peep in now and then to see what we were up to. We are looking forward to finish our work soon as the students are engaged in other activities for the rest of the week which gives us time to finish painting the interiors. By the end of the day we looked at each other and realized we were all covered with dust which drove us into the swimming pool in our apartment which was refreshing and nice.

After a hard day of work we went to dinner dressed up in Indian clothes and had great fun watching Pawel and Inge playing the 'spoon game' along with Dmitry.

Tomorrow being Republic Day in India, we have been invited by the Principal and the Usthi Foundation to be guests for tomorrow's flag hoisting and other programs.


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