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Pentakatha School Act Project-DAY 4

January 26 is republic day of India, we were invited by the Pentakatha school to watch the ceremony done by the kids and the staff. We arrived around 8:30 and all the kids were already lined up waiting for us to arrive so they could begin. As the principal raised the Indian flag, the children were singing the national anthem, and their faces reflected their patriotism. After that we took our seats to watch the show prepared by the kids and teachers. It was simply amazing with the variety of dancers, speeches, costumes, songs and traditions displayed – 2 boys invited up Inge and Flor to dance with them, and you could hear the rest of the kids applauding and with big smiles on their faces. 5minutes later we(the young explorers) joined in but this time bringing with us the teachers and principal. The kids enjoyed the show we displayed and were laughing hard at their principals dancing moves.

The ceremony was done by 12:30, the students headed back home while our work began, scrubbing walls, doors, windows, blackboards and wiping the dust off the classroom floor! Everyone was working very hard including Dimitri and Christoph the Geberit representative. We also started painting our first classroom, covered all by paint we were excited that the real job has started. Tomorrow ten laborers and four painters will join in to help us finish up the 13 classrooms we still have left. Seventeen days left for our project to be finished, that’s why tomorrow we will go to the school at 8am to start work early. And to end up, while going into our room after that tiring day, Pawel and I found a big white lizard running around on the walls of our small apartment, but the good part of the story is that its hiding somewhere in the room but  we don’t know where!!!!!

Good night J


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