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Borneo ACT Project – Day 11

We began our last day on Pangaea with a relaxed breakfast and then took a bus trip to Sepilok (the seats were made quite small to fit the local Malay people, not giving us a very much room). After 1 hour of travelling we arrived at the Rainforest Discovery Centre, which is a reserved park containing many species of flora and fauna; birds, ants, leeches, snakes flowers, butterflies, trees, fruit plants and much more after our scenic and educational walk we caught a bus to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, where we caught the afternoon feeding show of the Orangutans and other species of large monkeys.

Throughout our journey on the way there and back, we passed many palm oil plantations, and also sighted some deforestation this was quite an eye opener for the us as we are here to represent Pangaea and ourselves as Young Ambassadors for the environment and help create a sustainable future for our Planet, in seeing this first hand a enormous wave of motivation and determination washed over us- that we need to ACT now and make a difference in the World before it is too late and by saying ‘we’ I don’t just mean us the YEP’s who are here in Borneo but to all the Young People at home reading this blog or following this project we need your help, step by step to create a long road for a sustainable future for us and the following generations.

On our way back to the boat we picked up a few more supplies, then took a quick trip to the Sandakan Yacht Club where we enjoyed our first warm, inside shower in past 10 days.

A quote that has been used amongst the Young Explorers and the Team Members throughout the entire project is ‘’just DO IT!’’. The Pangaea meanings for this is to; step outside your comfort zone, be courageous and get your message across to the rest of the World.



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