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Patagonia 14.01.2012

Blog Written by Henko Roukema

The past few days have been a blur! After we spent the night in town ; explore ring the culture of the locals of argentinia we made our way to the airport at 4am! our flight arrived at El Calafate at about 11 in the morning. Because of the great weather conditions the pilot was aloud to circle around the Fritz Roy peaks and the glaciers for which Patagonia is famous for! Wow what an amazing sight!

As we arrived at our hostel we were greeted by the most amazing photos of the surrounding area of Patagonia, this just made us more excited to start exploring the area! after a very nice lunch, we made or way to the glaciaramium, a museum about the history of the south patagonia ice field and how the great explorers discovered and the famous expeditions that has happened!

Pedro Skvarca shared his knowledge with us about the research and discoveries he made exploring the ice field over about 40 years. This was a real treat learning from a man with such knowledge! After the visit to the museum we had a traditional dinner at the hostel we are staying in! Tomorrow will be really exciting as we are going to visit the Upsula glacier and going for a 14km hike to the valley of the fossils.

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