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Patagonia 15.01.2012

Blog Written by Theresa & Ansgar Sunday 15/01/12

With Mike Horn and Pangaea, every day is different and full of memorable moments.
Today, after a short night, the bus brought us to a small harbour. There we boarded the catamaran comfortable boat, which carried us to the Estancia Cristina within the National Park “Los Glaciares”.

We were more than excited for our first icebergs in the Lake Argentino and the untouched glaciers. Minute by minute we got closer to the massive Upsala Glacier and the excitement grew. Finally we witnessed the icebergs, huge pieces of frozen water floating in the ice. Thinking that only one tenth is above the surface, we were stunned by their size! Every single one had its unique shape.

We have had great geography lessons from Gosia- our Polish teacher- and an introduction on glaciers of Pedro Skvarca- the most important scientist of the region. They couldn´t prepare us for the real experience, though. There was a kilometre wide wall of ice facing us. The whole landscape looked unreal, like a perfect postcard picture: the yellow sun shining, light blue clear water in front of the big white glacier, that was surrounded by high snow-covered mountains. We were seriously stunned!

Then we got on land and started a 14km- hike. The landscape changed from one moment to another. We were able to see pure lakes surrounded by trees, then underneath of us stretched the famous glacier with its long tongue. The lake´s colour reminded a bit of the Caribbean. Pedro was able to show us how the glacier has changed over the last 40 years. Nowadays it´s about 6km shorter than in the 60s! We learnt a lot about his research done in Patagonia. The unspoiled view we will never forget.

Later on in a valley full of fossils we learnt about the tectonic plates and the creation of the Andes.
The canyon´s colours were incredible: there was orange, red, and brown in all shades seen on the rocks.

We nine YEPs enjoyed an incredible day in the wonderful surroundings of Patagonia, one of the most beautiful places in the world!


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