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Pangaea EcoCamp – June 6, 2012

Blog written by Rebecca BERKER, Germany, 18 (Pangaea Mongolia Selection Camp Young Explorer)

Suddenly the room is quiet; the students are too shocked and touched by what they have just seen. Today´s day was all about recycling. We met up with 6th and 7th graders to talk about recycling. The workshops aimed to sensibilize the students about waste management and encourage them to act.

After the successful clean-up yesterday we continued today by picturing the consequences of pollution. As there is basically no public recycling system installed in Kraljevo the students never really cared or thought about recycling and its effect on our environment, nor about where their garbage goes to.

It was great to see how emotional and open the children were when we showed them pictures of the local garbage dump or of dying birds due to plastic, and I truly believe we managed to make them rethink their lifestyle. Our workshop ended up with a short introduction into creative recycling. We showed them how to reuse Tetra-Packs and the students followed our instructions carefully.

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