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Mike’s Blog 09.04.2011

I'm back on Pangaea after an amazing experience with the Indian cricket team during the last world cup. I will never forget the roar in the stadium when the captain MS Dhoni hit the winning 6 to claim the world cup for India.

Tristan and myself had to leave Jacek behind in Vancouver when we sailed off to Seattle. It seemed strange to sail without him but we had no choice. It was only after a very long wait to get his appointment to go to the US consulate that Jacek finally managed to get his US visa and catch up with us again.

We had a short stay over in Seattle where we met up with Wenger and our old friends Chase Jarvis and Jerard. It's great to sail into town and have friends waiting for you to take you out and help you with your needs.

We left Seattle two days later and picked up Jacek at West Port along the coast sailing down to San Francisco. Both Tristan and myself are happy to have Jacek back with us especially when he arrived with a box full of freshly baked donuts. Let's see how we feel about him when there are no donuts left.

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