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North Pole Training Blog

The two Young Explorers Christopher and Luana met up this weekend to train for the upcoming North Pole Expedition. Michelle, who participated in the Malaysia Expedition, joined them on their preparation.

The sun is beating down making the snow all wet and slushy. Equipped with snowshoes and heavy backpacks we are struggling to climb up the steep and slippery slopes of the Swiss Alps. After each step we sink in deep making the hike an even greater effort.

Suddenly a loud and trembling noise alarms all of us. As we look up the face next to us we see an avalanche coming down. Help! Christopher starts running like crazy and Luana just stands there paralyzed with fear. A few meters in front of us the snowslide stops – luckily. This experience definitely taught us a lesson: Nature’s forces are never to be underestimated.

At 2500m we finally find a place to camp. Wrapped in warm cloths we sip a bowl of hot soup before the three of us squeeze in our two-man tent. At the cloudless sky the stars shine bright this night and temperatures drop. We stay nice and warm in our tent though, thanks to our excellent equipment.
The next morning we get up before sunrise ready and thrilled to ascend to the summit. We make it all the way to the top where a magnificent panorama is waiting for us. We are stuck by the beauty of the mountains surrounding us and we feel tremendously happy just to be exactly where we are.

Sunburnt, exhausted and proud to have accomplished another training session we are more and more ready for our expedition to the North Pole. Less than three weeks left!!!

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