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Saraya’s Fundraising Project

On the 7th expedition to Kamchatka, Russia. The 5 Young Explorers (Hayden Coburn, Michaela Korodimou, Maricella Uribe, Carla McKenzie and I- Saraya D’Ath) set up a project with Snow Dogs Kamchatka, which was the dog sledding business we used.

The aim of our Project is to create a website, to promote eco-tourism in the South Kamchatka region and to this family owned/ run business. On the website we plan to have text and images directly from Andrei and Nastya (the people who own Snow Dogs Kamchatka) and have it translated into 4 different languages, also an ‘adopt a dog project’ where individual or large businesses can sponsor a dog and they will receive regular updates and pictures of the dog.

Andrei has his own individual project called ‘the children of the North’ where he takes a pack of sled dogs up to the North Kamchatka, where the native people as they have been seriously affected by alcoholism and have lost all their traditions and culture.

He tries to bring hope to and inspiration into their lives and encourages them to turn back to their old way of life as it was more beneficial and sustainable.

We are fundraising for this project and hope one day to select a few young people to take a trip with Andrei up North to document and record their first hand experiences- this would then go on the website.

Last Tuesday the 22nd of March, I organised a bunch of people to help me bake and ice 118 cupcakes and sell 390 can of drink. It was a very successful day! we raised a total of $436.40…but there is still more to come.

I encourage you all to start your own fundraising projects, it’s something easy and fun you can organise with a group of friends. You’ll be very surprised at the amount of people who are keen to help out.

I must say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to my team who helped out on the day and before hand with the baking and icing of the cupcakes, also to my school student body who came along and brought a cupcake or a drink and had a guess at the Easter Egg competition. It was greatly appreciated!

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