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We are almost ready for the Pangaea Borneo Project to start! When the Young Explorer’s arrive in Borneo on the 15th of January, this will be the beginning of a long term project which relates to the 3 main pillars of the Pangaea Expedition; Biodiversity, Water and Social Community.

The crew has been working very hard to get the boat ready and we are excited to start the New Year with a big bang.

A new diving bench has been made that can accommodate 12 divers at a time. The new sails have been fine-tuned and all the tenders have been serviced. The bathrooms have been revamped, the diving equipment serviced and prepared for the first dive. We still have a couple of small things to do but we will have everything complted and ready to go by early next week.

This is the second stage of the Pangaea Expedition were we will start Acting on the environmental problems we have seen during the first part of our expedition.

Bringing the YEP’s back and sustaining what we set out to do cannot be done in one day. It has taken us years to destroy the mother that feed us – the earth – and it must take us – all of us – much quicker to fix what we have destroyed. Time is ticking! First we have to change our mindset and this process can only be done individually.

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