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Himalayan Selection Camp Day 2

Day2: By Shruti

As one sees the view of this beautiful place from the airplane, every soul would know that they have almost reached their dream destination. Coming to Switzerland and being part of the Young Explorers Program was something not many would have imagined.

Meeting my fellow participants at the airport was exciting, of course after a little drama at the airport with the immigration and baggage. Soon all of that was forgotten when I had to meet students from all over the world. Heading for our short drive to Hotel De Ville. All of us were busy talking and quickly exchanging our names and countries. And then there was a little bit of ooh-ing and aa-ing looking at the scenic view Geneva had. We stopped for a small break where Alexis got me this new drink called SPARKLING WATER,
which added to my excitement, it was just water with bubbles I figured!

Reaching the hotel and exploring to see how wonderful our rooms were was next on our agenda, new roommates, beds and everything so perfect. We had Martin give us a brief on what we have ahead of us for the next ten days and how exciting it would be followed by an inspiring talk from MIKE HORN, THE man. He was telling us how much he values what he is doing and how we must learn to do the same, but I am sure everyone in the room felt the same for we are privileged to be explorers. The big day came to an end with
distributing T-Shirts and caps and truck loads of excitement.

The morning agenda started with cycling. Which was another huge event in my day. I walk up to see these amazing looking bikes, I was so thrilled. Just to realize I was unable to ride the bike, as they were so different from what it is in India. I tell myself to give it a shot and I try which is when Jye tells me that the bikes have gears and I had no idea how to use them. Trying to ride a distance, I see my fellow explorers have gone a long way and I come back to the hotel to avoid losing my way.

It has been very eventful till the moment, it is good to be in a quiet place like Geneva unlike the ever-bustling India, it is also really different and there is so much to learn. With the day ahead packed with more activities, I look forward to join the other explorers in completing my activities, rathersuccessfully, making every moment more memorable. We all know we are here for a reason, and we all look forward to do our best and giving to all to the Mike Horn Team.

'Yesterday's history, tomorrow is a mystery…but today's a gift. that's why its called "present." 🙂

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