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Himalayan Selection Camp Day 3

Day 3: By Elisa Rodrigues Alves

Today, all of us went on morning exercise at 7 AM before eating! It was very cool to run with the others into the forests of Switzerland. We past some muddy and wet bridges which were extremely slippery and it was very funny. We also ran on narrow roads & trails and we had to be carful all the time. Next, we did some agility training, running between poles, we performed some pull-ups and some push-ups in groups. We then ran flat out to “Hôtel de ville”. A few people had difficulties to follow the groups’ rhythm then we had to support them and that gave them strength to finish the trail. From there we just walked around Mike’s Hotel to cool down and stretch from the run, hungry for a much needed breakfast (NutellaJ)

Everyone really enjoyed and it was a true team work too!!!!

Early start for tomorrow, we’re all REALLY excited!!!


Hugo Clément

A team from Mercedes-Benz came to visit us today. We were divided into two groups , one went on test-driving Blue-Efficiency cars and the other one stayed for a seminar about these same cars.  They told us how the car’s shape, tyres and weight can have an influence on it’s efficiency and economy on gasoline. We talked about Mercedes new Blue-Effeciency technology and the hybrid technology, that is a mix of an electronic car with petrol fuel, and why these two new types of vehicles have low CO2 emmissions.  Then in the test drive we could see through a devise  called eco-log that measured the fuel needed during the ride, the time taken, the speed, etc. This way we could really see how economical the car is and the types of situations where it will waste more fuel. So then they tea ched us how to reduce our fuel consumation by breaking less and just letting the car  slowdown by itself (when possible, of course). Then we tested their advices and we proved that it saves gasoline by doing these small ‘’tricks‘’. In the end we were able to test drive a F-Cell car that uses Hydrogen as its fuel and is electric as well. There’s only nine of these in the world, but one of them was here with us ! It looks and it rides like a normal car, really smooth and it is really quiet. And still we had a workshop to construct a small F-Cell car, that produced hydrogen out of water and then have fuel to move.

Today’s experiences were pretty amazing and we learned a lot.

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