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First day of activities for the YEP

Monday 30th of NovemberDay 2 of the Selection Camp

Blog from Connor and Florence

Independence is a strong theme we're happy to agree with in this camp. After waking up on our own accord at 6:00, we prepared for our first venture to the groupe E hydro-electric powerplant (built 1921). Upon reaching our destination we watched a short film on the history and purpose of the eco-friendly plant.After we toured the plant and learned about the plants ways of operation. It's nice to see such a power plant that has very little effect on the environment. It somewhat calms you down, makes you happy. After a very good lunch Dimitry and Benedict gave us some tips how to use a camera and how to take good pictures. It was really interesting and we learned a lot about
it. Later we went outside to do a "photoshooting" and the photos were beautiful with the snow. Now we just had a very interesting presentation about Nespresso where we learned more about how coffee is made and about the aluminium used in it's production. The atmosphere here in the camp is great and everything is just amazing. It is just the second day and everybody gets on well with the others. Outside it's still snowing so tomorrow the morning
exercices will be very funny in the snow! =)

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