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4th YEP Selection Camp begins

On Sunday the 29th, 16 young adults from all corners of the world began to arrive one-by-one at Geneva Airport in Switzerland. Mike Horn also arrived in Geneva yesterday and had the opportunity to meet the young explorers in the evening. While his sailboat 'Pangaea' awaits in Kuala Lumpur for his return, Mike Horn is looking forward to getting to know the youths as he participates in the camp inbetween his other obligations throughout Europe.

The youths were informed in October of their great chance to be accepted amongst almost 300 applications to travel to Switzerland and attend the 10 day Selection Camp. The camp, as its name suggests, selects outstanding youngsters to join Mike Horn during his current 4 year environmental expedition, named the Pangaea Expedition. Throughout the 10 days the youths will engage in intensive courses learning about state-of-the-art technology, sustainability and the environment, fitness and health and communication skills which will prepare them to meet the challenges of the Pangaea Expedition and form them as ambassadors to communicate their experiences to their families and peers around the world.

A busy time lies ahead for the youths. The frst day starts off with a visit to a local electrical plant where they will learn about renewable energies, followed with group discussions and film and photography skills.

Updates and photos will be posted daily as we follow closely the youths and begin assessments to see who will be chosen for the next leg of the Pangaea Expedition in India.

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