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YEP Selection Camp – Day 3

1st of December 2009 – Day 3 – Blog written by Dominic and Florencia

With as early a start as ever, we were up at 6am and off straight to the local gym for an introduction to some of the fitness training to come. We played some basketball and some other team-building activities. After that we returned to the hotel and had breakfast and a meeting in the conference room where two driving instructors from Mercedes were waiting. Our day was centered around eco driving, where we learnt about everything from car safety, design and efficiency, to ways of drastically decreasing fuel consumption. But perhaps what produced the most excitement among the group so far, was seeing what happens when the traction control, or ESP (Electrical Stability Program) is switched off, where the guys from Mercedes took us for an adrenaline fueled trip around a deserted car park and down the road from where we are staying, made that bit more spectacular by the stunning scenery blanketed in fresh snow.

As I write this now, I have just come from a dinner finished off superbly by the chance to sample some of the foods, well actually mainly sweets and chocolate, brought to Switzerland from all corners of the planet by the other YEPers. After which we had the chance to sit down with Mike and have a real in-depth conversation where we could all voice ideas of future projects that we might together focus on after the India expedition, something he clearly feels particularly strongly about, making it clear that it is not intended that we just go home after a this and forget about it but rather that we become active parts of the PANGAEA community as a whole.

Tomorrow promises to be a cold day but one which i am personally looking forward to particularly, which is sailing on Lac Leman. So that will be land and sea transport sorted. Next I'll have to persuade Mike to sort out some flying lessons!

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