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Day 8 Trek to the South Pole

Mike thinks that in one more day he'll be able to put his skis on. Today Mike advanced while walking in constant wave-like motion. The ice would raise steeply then flatten out, raise steeply again then flatten out.
Today his progression was 20kms – a record!

Mike says the temperatures are gradually getting colder. For the first time ice is forming around his face. He still remains surprised that he is warm in the tent when sheltered from the wind. In the North Pole, you remain cold at all times, both inside and outside of the tent. It is of course a welcoming change but next time he'll bring less fuel as he needs less to reheat himslf.

The weather is stable and his spirits are high! His position is Lat 80∞55.4'S and Lon 80∞31.3'W.

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