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Day 7 Trek to the South Pole

Its been another uphill climb today for Mike! He is longing to get his skis on and to start gliding!

Mikes says, "The climb is getting easier but I'm still zig-zagging around crevasses. I'm tired today but did 17kms in all. I'm satisfied with that. I'm not after beating any records to the pole and think I'll be there in about 47 days."

Mike sends his first photos from Antarctica. The mask he is wearing in the photo is protecting his face from the bitter cold, southerly winds. The ice collects on the inside while he is walking and he simply taps the ice off once there is an accumulation.

Still many small crevasses like the one shown in the photo. The bigger crevasses are normally on the steeper slopes.

The weather is stable with southerly winds around 8 knots.

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