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Day 9 Trek to the South Pole

A frustrating day for Mike as he encountered rough terrain and a very steep hill.
He walked further than other days but unfortunately saw no improvement in the distance he covered due to the fact that he needed to zig-zag as he went up in altitude.

The higher Mike gets the colder it becomes. The snow is becoming more like sandpaper and the sled doesn't slide as well as it did.

Mike has now walked 473 kms from the continent edge and has a little less that 1'000 to go until he reaches the pole.

Mike has sent us though a photo on him lying on a sastrugi. A sastrugi is a mushroom like ice formation caused by the wind.
They can get a high as two metres are can create problems for somebody using a kite as they are very well hidden.

The weather is still good, calm winds and temperatures of around -24°C. Lets hope conditions stay like this!

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