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Day 52 Trek to the South Pole

Mike calls from 89°37.611S 90°57.004W.

Now it is snowing hard and there is a thick layer of fresh snow on the ground. This is a good point for me however as it makes the kiting smoother and less hard on my body. I just have to wait for the wind direction to change to a Southeasterly rather than a Northeasterly and then I will be able to get my kites out again. The wind should turn on Saturday and is predicted to be in my favour for two days. I doubt that it will be enough as I must be in Patriot Hills for the 27th but I'll give it all I can!"

In the meantime all our YEP have now left Château-d'Oex and are returning to their respective homes all around the world.
It was a wonderful 10 days we have had in their company. Things will seem a little quiet in our offices for the next weeks as we sift through the load of photos and film that we took and we remember the amazing time we had!

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