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Day 53 Trek to the South Pole

The last news I had from Patriot Hills is that they are breaking up camp now as it is the end of the summer season.

If everything goes according to schedule I will be picked up on the 26th of January and will fly back to Chile on the 27th.

I feel frustrated because I have been in the tent for 2 days now. I was so looking forward to the kite trip back to Patriot Hills and to slide over the snow at a greater speed than I did on my way to the Pole. Unfortunately I am unable to change the weather or the date so will have to accept things the way they are.

I feel robbed from my pleasure but at the same time I have had a great experience in Antarctica. It was wonderful to walk the last degree with Borge, Clémence and Nicolas and of course to meet with Prince Albert.

I am sending you four pictures today. The first is of my kite under the snow, ready to go as soon as the wind will change with my tent in the back ground. I have 40 meter lines and to save time I leave them unrolled ready to go. The second photo is of me getting into the tent yesterday with some red ice cristals on my lip. It might look nasty but it is not bad at all. The third photo is the' tell tail' on my ski pole showing it is a sunny day with absolutely no wind. The last photo is 'canell' that Prince Albert gave me to add to my oatmeal. It is supposed to help your blood curculation in the cold. Well at least, that is what his doctor told him!

Best regards from the sitting duck in the tent!

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