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Day 45 Trek to the South Pole

Mike calls at 16h00 Swiss time.

During the first day together, we walked 12kms. Luckily the conditions were relatively good, even though the temperatures were very cold and winds moderate to sometimes strong. Surprisingly enough everybody adjusted very well considering they had all stepped entirely out of their usual environment.

Prior to this, myself, Borge, Clèmence and Nicholas left our equipment at about 118kms from the Pole. Marking the GPS position were we left the equipment will, allow us to find it again when we return after the royal party have left.

The following day in Prince Alberts’ company, we had a 10km walk to the pole. It was a victorious moment for myself, Prince Albert, Borge, Clèmence and Nicolas as we held onto the South Pole monument to have our photo taken.

Not only is it amazing to see the large buildings and research station at the pole but also to see it buzzing with scientists and researchers. It’s incredible to have so much information about the worlds’ evolution right here under our feet and to know that we have arrived at the same point where men have tried to conquer now for centuries.

Prince Albert and his party have now left us and today we will back track once again to our equipment. As soon as we are reunited we can start again our trip South to the Pole.

With 118kms to go, I think it will take us around six days, but now we know where we are going it might even be faster. We’ll see!

Clèmence and Nicholas seem to have acclimatised nicely now and seem to be rearing to go under their own steam. Borge and I will guide them safely to their goal and they will soon be some of the youngest people to walk the last degree to the South Pole.

Here are a couple of photos taken over the last few days.

Regards to all those people who are following our progress!!”


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